Sun 30 Oct


Expressing the NOW moment in music that makes you think, feel and dance. We also experiment with sound healing Ley Lines, portals and vortexes using A-432Hz tuning, to clear/cleanse unwanted negative blockages, influences and entities. We are an improv-EDM duo that defy genre. It’s all about the vibe of Be-in the ever-present NOW. The DMT Experiment is named after amalgamating the two originating members names, (David Moule & Thoby Davis) along with the awesome DM1 (iPad app), and of course the name relates to the dream chemical you produce in your brain when you dance to our music 😉 ‘Experiment’ because what we play is simply that… No computer or laptop used in the making, we have no specific tag, genre, set-list, routine, songs. We keep it fluid and allow for happy accidents too 🙂 No two gigs ever the same…

HUMMADRUZ is an Ultra-Violet theatre group dedicated to performing astonishing psychedelic spectacle accompanied by music such as: top pop tunes, found and sampled beetz and forgotten classics.
We use Circus, Dance, Puppetry, Illusion, Acrobatics, Streetdance, Acting and Mask.

Over the past 15 years, in various guises, we have performed at Festivals, Club-nights, Theatres, Nightclubs and have dominated events many many times.

19:00 Pi & Hash Curates: Hang 11

Rock music with a bluesy funky edge.

18:00 Pi & Hash Curates: Thoby Davis

Thoby is a master of the loop station, combining inspirational lyrics with vocal harmonies, violin and beatboxing.

17:00 Pi & Hash Curates: Grace Hartrey

Cardiff based Grace Hartrey and The Garden Party are about delicious harmonies and bouncing rhythms to intricate acoustic and folky vocals.


RecRock is a social enterprise based in Caerphilly, we run music workshops in the community. We are organising a youth performance to continue the success of the rockschools we run for young people in the South Wales area. The stage will be filled by some of the finest young talent around! Pop down to see the next generation of rock stars before you can’t afford a ticket to see them!


16:30 Noise Mangled
15:55 Sydney Fate
15:30 Mathew Cook
15:10 Gaby Horne
14:00 Rockschool